Local singing reality show “Akademi Fantasia” first broke into the scene in 2003. 14 years and 13 seasons later, “Akademi Fantasia” is about to make a huge splash.

Unlike any seasons prior to this, the upcoming season of “Akademi Fantasia” will feature 24 of your favourite contestants that have competed before. If that wasn’t exciting enough, 1/3 of those contestants are former winners. Ladies and gents, get ready for “Akademi Fantasia Megastar”!

Akademi Fantasia Megastar
Source: Akademi Fantasia

Recently, an open audition saw many contestants from past seasons turning to fight for a spot to be in the running for the ultimate title. Fortunately for the previous winners, they were given a free pass during audition process. But that does’t mean their advantage will help them sail through the following rounds.


According to the “AF Megastar” format, the 24 contestants will divided into 2 groups (with the assumption that each group will have 4 previous winners). From there, the first 12 contestants will perform during the 1st week, while the remaining 12 will take to the stage the following week. The prelude concert will be titled, “AF Homecoming Concert”.

Once all 24 singers have perform, permanent jury members Datuk Ramli MS and Syafinaz Selamat will decide which half of the group will advanced to the Top 12. From then on, the contestants will have to compete each other until 1 of them is crown the winner. The result for the live shows will be based on 60% from the team of jury and 40% from fan voting.

Akademi Fantasia Megastar
Source: Hangat

The previous AF contestants are:

  1. Rosma (AF1)
  2. Anding (AF2)
  3. Adam (AF2)
  4. Bob (AF2)
  5. Amylea (AF3)
  6. Idayu (AF3)
  7. Marsha (AF3)
  8. Nubhan (AF6)
  9. Aril (AF7)
  10. Adira (AF8)
  11. Amir Jahari (AF9)
  12. Azhar (AF2013)
  13. Indah (AF2013)
  14. Ewal (AF2014)
  15. Syamel (AF2015)
  16. Ara (AF2016)

The previous winners that are also competing are:

  1. Zahid (AF2)
  2. Faizal (AF4)
  3. Mila (AF5)
  4. Shahir (AF8)
  5. Faizul (AF2013)
  6. Firman (AF2014)
  7. Sufie (AF2015)
  8. Amir (AF2016)

Out of the aforementioned contestants, who are you rooting for? We’re legit excited to see how “Akademi Fantasia Megastar” unfolds 😉

Source/ Featured image: Hangat.

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