McDonald’s Korea has a new dessert and it’s Rich Chocolate Pie!

Priced at only KRW1,500 (approximately RM5.65), the new pastry is generously stuffed with ooey gooey chocolate filling. Although the delicious-looking pie was launched 2 days ago (14th August), photos and videos of it has been making rounds across all social media platforms.

However, chocolate pie is not a new product released by McDonald’s. The international fast food chain has launched various chocolate-based pies in certain countries. For example, S’mores Pie can be found inside the borders of the United States and Canada while Choc Pie is available in New Zealand. There’s also a triangle-shaped chocolate pie in Japan.

Other wacky McDonald’s pie flavours include potato bacon, sweet potato, sweet cheese, and salted caramel.

We sincerely hope that McDonald’s Malaysia would consider launching this sinful delicacy here soon.


In the meantime, we think we’ll grab ourselves some warm apple pies.

Featured image: ham__2’s Instagram, hyojukim88’s Instagram.

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