When a generous uncle sacrificed his 1-month salary to make 2 little boys happy by buying them a PlayStation 2, he wasn’t expecting to be rewarded.

15 years later, the brother duo decided to repay their uncle with a brand new car for their nice childhood gift. One of those boys, Steven Elliot Ng, is now successful entrepreneur. At 24, he is the owner of a startup company that sells high-end watches and wallets called Elliot Havok.

Man Repays Uncle
Source: Next Shark via Facebook

Steven recently took to Instagram to share how his kind uncle forked out US$400 (RM1,713) so he and his brother, Vincent, could experience a luxury his poor family couldn’t afford while growing up.


He wrote:

Hoi Sum: the common phrase to describe being happy in Cantonese. But more literally it means ‘open heart’. About 15 years ago my uncle, who lives in China, sent my brother and I a gift – a PS2. It was pretty much the most ultimate gift, especially considering we did not get any toys growing up. With an open heart, he spent a whole month’s salary ($400, yeah we were poor as f**k) just to make us happy. We promised we would return the favour for many years and today we got him a new SUV.

Whether it’s friends or family, remember why you wake up in the morning. I strive to be ‘hoi sum’. I’ve come to learn that being happy and having an open heart are synonymous.”

Man Repays Uncle
Source: Next Shark via Facebook

Last year, the young businessman even made it to Forbes’ prestigious 30 Under 30 list. When asked about the purpose of him sharing this post, Steven told Next Shark, “The point of the post was for people to stop worrying about themselves so much and take a step back and think about what’s important. I hate how people only care about their fancy jobs and traveling but forget to take care of the people that love them most.”

Well said, Steven! We can all take a page out of his book by showing gratitude to our loved ones 😉

Sources: Next Shark, The Sun/ Featured image: Facebook.

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