It’s a sad reality but more and more fresh graduates in Malaysia are struggling to secure interviews, but less a job offer. Siti Nursyazalina Zailani is one such example.

After months of rejection, the 26-year-old engineering graduate decided to take things into her own hands instead of sitting ideally at home. Despite graduating with a degree, Siti Nursyazalina has resorted to becoming a domestic cleaner with cleaning agency Maideasy.

Siti Nursyazalina Zailani


Currently residing in Kuala Lumpur, this Malaysian has been cleaning houses for almost a year. As the eldest of 5 siblings, securing a job with a consistent income has helped her and her single mother to cope with the rising cost of living. Many may assume her occupation as a house cleaner pays little, but wait till you find out how much she earns every month.

I was attracted to this job because of the flexible hours, and if I work hard, we can take home about RM2,000 or more (a month),” Siti Nursyazalina told The Malaysian Insight, before adding, “I didn’t have time to be picky (with jobs) because I came from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur to look for work and help my mother.”

According to the young woman, her job scope includes tidying up the house, mopping the floors, and cleaning the toilets. She earns RM80 for each house she cleans and a RM20 commission is claimed by the agency from each job. “I’m getting paid to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and I can earn the same wages as a university graduate, if not more,” she revealed.

Siti Nursyazalina Zailani

Lots of people will always ask ‘Isn’t it disgusting to be cleaning someone else’s house?’ For me, if you want to work, there’s no need to think or care about what people say,” said Siti Nursyazalina. Although she’s not ashamed of cleaning houses, she admits that it can be uncomfortable when clients probe her about her occupation.

Many netizens have commended her on her work ethic. “I respect her for finding another way to make ends meet and is willing to take up a blue collar job, you don’t see this sort of hardship very often these days,” wrote Gregory Wong. “Reality of today’s Malaysia… But I do respect her; its better than rotting at home waiting for opportunities,” Alexander Tan Kok Bing added.

We’ve got mad respect for you too, Siti Nursyazalina 😉

Sources: The Malaysian Insight, The Sun.

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