Hype’s Now Playing: Yong Guk & Si Hyun – the.the.the (더.더.더)

“Produce 101” (프로듀스 101) season 2 contestants Kim Yong Guk (Jin Long Guo, 김용국) and Kim Si Hyun (김시현) have finally made their debut as a unit!

Choon Entertainment has dropped the music video for the talented duo’s first single on Monday (31st July). Titled “the.the.the” (더.더.더), the track is a trendy medium-tempo dance track that highlights the boys’ unique vocals.

Source: Giphy

The dreamy music video features the Yong Guk and Si Hyun dancing passionately at several settings. It also shows the 2 idols chilling at a bar. While we love the video’s sophisticated concept, we think the boys wear too much lip tint.


Due to health reasons, 19-year-old Si Hyun left “Produce 101” the day before the filming of the group first performance of “Me, It’s Me” on “M!Countdown”. Meanwhile, 21-year-old Yong Guk, who garnered a lot of attention for his “Knock”/”Open Up” performance, was ranked #21 in the idol survival program.

“the.the.the” consists of 6 tracks including “Stay Here”, “Love Taste”, and “Wonderland”.

Yong Guk and Si Hyun’s fellow contestant Samuel Kim will also be making his debut on Wednesday (2nd August). In other news, Wanna One is set to release their debut album “1×1=1 (TO BE ONE)” on 7th August.

Featured image: Choon Entertainment’s Instagram.