Just because you treat people with kindness, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be rewarded the same in return.

Facebook user Moon Xyue took to the social media site on Saturday (8th July) to share not only about her friend’s betrayal but also showed proof on his perverted actions.

Source: Facebook

In her post, Moon Xyue shared that she and the aforementioned guy have been friends for a decade. She also offered him a job at a store when he was jobless 3 years ago. Despite opening up her home to the guy and his wife after they got married, Moon Xyue later found out that stealing money from the company. She added that the couple even took the staff’s commission for themselves.


To her horror, she later discovered that her male “friend” had secretly installed several pinhole spy cameras in her house toilets. “Although when I looked through the saved recordings there were no clips of me but the camera is able to livestream, so do you expect me to believe you when you say you recorded but have never seen the videos? What’s more, this has been going on since May 2016, which is more than a year!” she wrote.

You can read her full post here:

Since it went viral online, Moon Xyue’s Facebook post has received close to 9000 shares. Many netizens have urged her to lodge a police report and sue the couple for their dishonesty.

Source: Moon Xyue’s Facebook.

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