It’s no joke – kids these days are so lucky.

A kindergaten in Sabah, East Malaysia took to their Facebook page to share pictures of their campus and it looks nothing like what you would expect from a Malaysian kindergarten.

Source: Tadika Chung Hwa Likas’ Facebook page

Although the album was uploaded a few weeks ago, it only started going viral recently. As at time of writing, Tadika Chung Hwa Likas’ album has been shared over 800 times – and counting.


It looks like impeccable standards were set when it came to deciding on the overall exterior and interior of the preschool. The environment looks exciting and almost magical, as it seems to have drawn inspiration from theme parks, university campuses, and Google’s global headquarters in Mountain View, California. An epic combo, if you asked us.

Source: Tadika Chung Hwa Likas’ Facebook page

The kindergarten spared no expense in ensuring that even the corridors are pleasing to the eye and inviting. Just look at those rainbow-coloured pinwheels! It helps that the school building is well maintained, and you would never guess at first glance that Tadika Chung Hwa Likas is not a new school. In fact, the kindergarten was established more than 70 years ago.

Amongst the scores of netizens who have shared the album, some expressed sheer delight over the pictures, dishing out praises like, “My old school is so beautiful now!” and “Damn, I want to enroll myself back there.” And let’s get real. Who wouldn’t? 😀

*Pictures courtesy of Tadika Chung Hwa Likas’ Facebook page

Tadika Chung Hwa Likas comes equipped with a few playgrounds (both indoor and outdoor), a cute kiddy gym, a colourful computer room, a spick and span kitchen, and a whole lot more. How inspiring! We’re pretty sure that parents are already making a beeline for the kindergarten to register their kids. We don’t know about you but we want to go back to school, already! This school, specifically.

Interested? Here are the fee details for Tadika Chung Hwa Likas’ 2018 intake:

Source: Facebook

Source: Tadika Chung Hwa Likas’ Facebook page / Featured image: Tadika Chung Hwa Likas’ Facebook page.

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