Oh hey, friends in Singapore. The root beer float is coming back to your shores.

That’s right! A&W CEO Kevin Bazner has confirmed that the American fast-food chain will set up shop in Singapore again next year, after a 14-year absence.

Source: A&W multimedia

According to a Yahoo report, citing Kevin Bazner, A&W has an office in Singapore since 2016, and that the company is looking to open 30 to 40 new restaurants a year across Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.


A&W (short for the surname initials of partners Roy W. Allen and Frank Wright) made its debut in Singapore in 1966 at Dunearn Road. It was A&W the first fast-food restaurant that opened in Singapore in the 60s, and the first A&W drive-through opened in 1970 at Bukit Timah Road. However, A&W Singapore closed all 5 outlets on the island in 2003 due to corporate instability, stiff competition from other aggressive fast-food chains, and poor sales.

Source: A&W Multimedia

Now, more than a decade later, A&W Singapore is on the lookout for a retail space to house its flagship restaurant on the island, which is scheduled to open next year. This flagship will also serve as a training store for other Southeast Asia outlets.

Sources: YahooCNA / Featured image: A&W Multimedia.

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