On Sunday (2nd July), a Facebook user named Winna Chin took to her account to share a video of a man touching a woman’s thigh while boarding the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit).

She wrote, “Beware of this guy! Happened on the East West Line just now. Stupiak guy!”

Source: Winna Chin’s Facebook page

In the short clip, the man is seen deliberately touching the female passenger’s leg. One of Chin’s photos also shows the man deliberately placing his hand on her thigh. Her post went viral and many netizens criticised her for not standing up for the victim.


However, in a recent update, Chin addressed the issue and explained, “I didn’t confront the guy as I was afraid he would turn violent.” She continued, “I did ask the girl to stand up but she chose to only move nearer to her friend and not move away. Her friend slapped the guy’s hand after that and he got off at the next station.”

She also added that she was just trying to spread awareness and thanked netizens for sharing her post.

You can read Chin’s full post below:

In other MRT related news, a passenger caught a man recording a video of her while a young man was sexually harassed by an older male passenger because he was “signalled”.

What would you do if you were in Chin’s shoes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!

UPDATE (6th July, 4:05pm): 

The man who was caught touching a female passenger’s thigh on the MRT recently has been arrested!


After Chin posted the video and photos on Facebook, officers from Jurong Police Division and the Pubilc Transport Security Command managed to establish the identity of the suspect. According to AsiaOne, officers from Ang Mo Kio Police Division nabbed the 44-year-old suspect at Hougang Mall yesterday afternoon (Wednesday, July 5).

Source: Hougang NPC’s Facebook page

Sources: Winna Chin’s Facebook page, STOMPHougang NPC, AsiaOne / Featured image: Winna Chin’s Facebook page.

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