Ladies, please make it a point to be alert wherever you are. One Malaysian just took to her social media platform to share her harrowing experience of her encounter with snatch thief.

In a post, complete with pictures, Facebook user Vivianne Yeo wrote that she was in Bangsar Baru yesterday (19th June 2017, Monday) when she was attacked.

Source: Google Maps

“At around 4.30pm today, I was walking to my car which was parked near the Hong Leong Bank row in the Telawi area. I was aware of my surroundings but I was not alert enough. There was a ramadan bazaar down the street and plenty of people walking around. I wanted to cut through the shops along the Jalan Telawi stretch so I walked through the small lane opposite Coffea Coffee. My handbag was slung across my body. I heard a motorbike coming from behind me. All of a sudden, I was pushed from the back and fell forward on my chest. It happened so fast that I had no chance to react. The snatch thief rode past me from the back and tried to grab my bag. He didn’t manage to take anything as my bag didn’t snap and was still with me,” Vivianne wrote.


Vivianne escaped with minor injuries – a bruised and scratched forehead, as well as scratches on her hands and knees. Luckily, a kind Samaritan who was parked next to where she fell, quickly got out of his vehicle to help her, even taking the liberty to help her into the car (just in case the thief came back for her) to bring her to the police station. At the police station, the Inspector told her that there were at least 8 snatch theft cases a day in the Bangsar and Brickfields areas alone.

“So guys and girls, pls be alert, be aware and never let your guard down or walk in lanes alone. I’m glad I’m just not injured badly and didn’t lose my tooth!” she added.

*Source: Vivianne Yeo’s Facebook profile

Snatch theft in the Kuala Lumpur area continues to be a big worry for Malaysians as well as tourists. Last year, Bangsar Shopping Centre’s CCTV caught a snatch theft incident in broad daylight near the entrance of the mall. The victim, a 37-year-old Japanese housewife, was dragged on the ground for several metres, suffering scratches to her left arm and thigh. The thief made away with her handbag which contained her ATM and credit cards, and about RM200 in cash.

Do stay alert peeps and avoid walking in “lorongs” (small lanes) alone.

Source: Vivianne Yeo’s Facebook profile / Featured image: Vivianne Yeo’s Facebook profile.

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