The San Diego Police Department reported that Miles Teller was arrested on Sunday (18th June) for allegedly being drunk in public and refusing to co-operate with the cops.

TMZ claimed that the 30-year-old actor was in jail for 4 hours after he showed signs of being intoxicated after partying with a group of friends. He was later released without bail.

Miles Teller
Source: Mr. Porter

The cop walked up to Miles and started questioning him, but he quickly became uncooperative. That’s when he lost his balance and almost fell into a traffic lane. The cop cuffed him, and Miles had trouble standing in one spot,” a source told TMZ.


The star was apparently offered a place at a detox centre, where those brought in can sleep off their drunkenness for a couple of hours. After refusing to follow directions set by the staff, Teller was rejected from the centre. He was then taken to the police station for misdemeanour offence.

However, the “Divergent” actor took to Twitter earlier this morning to dismiss the SDPD’s account of the events. He stated that he “wasn’t arrested” because “there was no evidence” that he committed a crime.

Teller posted another tweet, saying that he blamed Shore Club, which is a beachfront bar that caters to the California surf culture.

Sources: E! News, TMZ, AV Club/ Featured image: Miami.

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