American pop rock band, Against The Current, has announced that they’re coming back to Malaysia for their world tour.

Formed in early 2011 by Dan Gow, Will Ferri, Joe Simmons and Jeremy Rompala, before being joined by current lead singer Chrissy Costanza a few months later, the The American pop rock band began their music venture with a series of YouTube covers of various hit songs. It didn’t take long before they built up an impressive following base.

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In May 2016, Against The Current released their very first studio album, “In Our Bones” in May 2016 and kickstarted their world tour in Korea, continuing to a number of countries in Europe, North America, and Asia. With a catchiness attributed to their upbeat rhythms and Costanza’s powerful vocal presence, the band’s music truly embraces the definition of pop-rock, playing around with levels of pop-ness and rock-ness across each of their tracks.


We last saw Against The Current when they were in Kuala Lumpur as part of their 2014 Asia/Australia Tour and we can’t wait to see them again!

Against The Current’s “In Our Bones” world tour in Malaysia will be held on 28th September 2017 (8pm), at The Bee, Publika. Ticket price for the concert is RM138 (All standing). All ticket prices are inclusive of 6% GST, but exclude RM4 processing fee.

Source: IME Asia

Terms and conditions:

  • This event only permits those aged 18 and above to purchase/attend the following concert. Minors (below 18) are not allowed to attend this event.
  • Tickets are available starting from 19th June 2017 (Monday), 12pm onwards via TicketCharge or the hotline +603-92228811.
  • Walk-in purchases are available at Speedy Video, Rock Corner, Chambers Music, TicketCharge KL office, PJ Live Arts, as well as at the information counter of The Mines shopping mall and 1 Shamelin.
  • Interstate ticket locations are as follows: Eden Ultimate(Kuantan), Blonde Brunette(Penang) and TicketCharge office Penang.

For more information, hit up IME Asia’s Facebook page.

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