Never a dull moment when Donald Trump aka President Trump is rollin’ on Twitter.

A couple of hours ago, Donald Trump posted up a tweet that confused the average Twitter-er and most literary professionals, much to the amusement of Twitterverse.


“Despite the constant negative covfefe,” he said. Nevermind that nobody has any clue what he was referring to, nobody even knows what “covfefe” means. We can safely assume he was trying to say, “Despite the constant negative coverage”, but the tweet came out of nowhere.


Of course, the internetz quickly jumped in on the typo and made it its life mission to popularise the covfefe.

So here are 10 ways (and counting) that Donald Trump is effectively making America (and the rest of the world) covfefe again:

1. American daily Washington Post isn’t holding back

Source: reddit

2. Sydney’s transportation system wants you to know


3. Because there’s no place better

4. Ah, life makes sense once again


5. Don’t just #covfefe it, wear it!


6. Covfefe-lympics game strong

7. Communication (with extraterrestrials) is key


8. Late night when you covfefe..

9. It’s pretty scandalous, after all


10. Is it “cov-fay-fay” or “cov-fee-fee”? Who knows!

There’s even a Covfefe Twitter account churning out all sorts of funny replies to “unsuspecting victims” on the microblogging platform.

This is our favourite:

As at time of writing, Donald Trump has not removed his erroneous tweet.

Oh internetz. You’re such a wonderful place.

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