Kyuhyun is enlisting in the military, and he’s bidding fans “Goodbye For Now (다시 만나는 날)”.

The singer dropped his farewell track for fans yesterday (Wednesday, 24th May), a day before he conscripts. Aside from the title track, the single album also contains another track, “The Parting (이젠, 안녕)”.

Source: Kyuhyun’s Official Website

According to allkpop, “Goodbye For Now” is a ballad song about “a man wanting to reunite with a past love”. Although the lyrics is about a romantic love, the song is said to be dedicated to Kyuhyun’s fans, who will be seeing him off today (Thursday, 25th May).


The music video shows Kyuhyun reminiscing the good times he had with his lover. He tries his best to recreate the scene, but realises that everything only exists in his memory.

Like all of Super Junior’s previous solo releases, this track and music video are produced by Label SJ.


The Super Junior member also sang the song live during his farewell episode for Radio Star, which broadcasted yesterday (Wednesday, 24th May). Apart from his touching performance, the segment also included a short part of his funniest moments, showing his transformation as a shy host in 2011 to the sharp-witted host he is now.


The singer will be enlisting today as a public service worker at Nonsan Army Training Centre. Previously, he received a ruling which allowed him to enlist as a public service worker due to a car accident in 2007, which cost him a fractured hip, pneumothorax from broken rips, as well as facial scratches and bruises.

Kyuhyun is the last Super Junior member to enlist after 2nd youngest member Ryeowook.

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