Is Choa leaving AOA?

Fans have had their suspicions as the main vocal has been inactive for almost a month, but the issue was brought to attention after AOA’s performance at the “25th Yeoncheon Jeonggok-ri Paleolithic Festival” on 3rd May (Wednesday).

Source: Tumblr

This was due to Choa’s absence without reason, resulting in the remaining 5 members – Jimin, Yuna, Hyejeong, Mina, and Chanmi – performing by themselves. Seolhyun wasn’t present too, but this was because of an ad filming in France.


There were other evidences brought forward by fans. One of them was the lack of updates by Choa on her Instagram as she has not posted anything since 20th January. Although this “proof” could be dismissed easily, fans are more worried as the link to Choa’s Instagram under AOA’s official profile on portal site Naver has been removed.

The other members’ Instagram updates – notably Yuna and Mina – have also been cited as “evidences”.

On 4th May, Yuna posted a screenshot of IU’s new track “Ending Scene” along with the lyrics, “I sincerely wish it. You have the right to be happier.” Meanwhile, Mina shared a message that read, “Hold on tight. It’ll pass.

Source: allkpop

Choa was last seen with AOA on 11th March for the group’s “Ace Of Angels” concert in Seoul. However, she did not attend the group’s 1st April schedule in Japan and hasn’t made any public appearance since.

FNC Entertainment hasn’t commented on the situation yet.

Source: allkpop.

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