Fans go to great lengths to meet their favourite celebrities, but 2 Singaporean students might have taken it too far.

The students, aged 16 and 19, were arrested by Singapore Police Force on 30th April for misusing their boarding passes to meet a Korean hip-hop star. The 2 of them bought their tickets and entered the transit area without the intent to depart to their next destination, which is an offence under Singapore’s law.

Source: Singapore Police Force’s Facebook

According to The Straits Times, the Korean hip-hop star is reportedly Simon Dominic, who was in Singapore for the AOMG Follow The Movement concert at Suntec Convention Hall on 1st May (Monday). The rapper, who’s also the co-founder for independent record label AOMG, has amassed a huge following due to his rugged good looks and talent in rapping.


In their statement, the Singapore Police Force also said, “The Police would like to remind all passengers that the transit areas of Changi Airport are gazetted as Protected Places and passengers who enter the transit areas with a boarding pass should only be there for the purpose of travelling to their next destinations.

Those who fail to abide by the law are liable for an offence under the Protected Areas and Protected Places Act. The offender may also face up to a $1000 fine or 2 years in prison or both.

Source: soompi

The police have also stated that the case is not unprecendented, as 36 people have already been arrested this year for misuse of boarding passes.

Sources: Facebook, The Straits Times.

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