Uniqlo Malaysia has announced that they will begin selling all 25 winning designs from its Nintendo-themed Uniqlo T-shirt (UT) Grand Prix 2017 design contest from Monday, 15th May 2017.

The contest attracted a record 16,000 entries.

Source: uniqlo.com

Uniqlo inaugurated this design competition in 2005 to foster creativity and talent around the world, making it open to anyone regardless of age, gender, or nationality.


The contest invited people to create original T-shirt designs inspired by Nintendo’s timeless characters, including from “Super Mario Bros.”, “The Legend of Zelda”, the “Donkey Kong” series, and other games.

Source: neogaf.com

Designs were also permitted to feature characters from such titles as Animal Crossing, Star Fox, Pikmin, Metroid, Kirby, and Splatoon, as well as the world-famous Pokémon.

The winning design featured a Mario motif (Takashi Kawazoe, Japan) while in second and third place were designs on Splatoon (Shino Yamazaki, Japan) and Zelda (David Ricardo Flores Gomez, Mexico) themes.

Check them out below:

1. Mario (Takashi Kawazoe, Japan)

2. Splatoon (Shino Yamazaki, Japan)

3. Zelda (David Ricardo Flores Gomez, Mexico)

*Pictures courtesy of Uniqlo Malaysia


Prices for the Nintendo-themed Uniqlo T-shirt (UT) Grand Prix 2017 winning designs are RM59.90 for men and women, and RM39.90 for Kids, plus GST (prices in Malaysia). There are a total of 31 designs: 15 for men, and 8 each for women and kids.

So mark the date – 15th May 2017 – as the UTs will be made available at a Uniqlo Malaysia store near you 😉


For more information, visit Uniqlo Malaysia’s website or Facebook page.

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