A dog owner in Kuala Lumpur has been leaving his dog on the ledge outside his apartment unit. The dangerous and abusive act was caught on camera by a fellow resident.

As seen the picture, the narrow ledge on the 27th floor of the Taman OUG apartment block has no railings. According to a resident who lives in a building facing the apartment unit, this was not the first occurrence as the dog has been repeatedly placed on the ledge.

Source: AsiaOne

The Selangor Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) confirmed that they’ve received complaints regarding the above issue and said that they will be taking the matter up with the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS). “It is understood that the management of the condo issued a warning to the dog owner yesterday but the owner refused to stop,” Selangor SPCA chairman Christine Chin said.


Chin added that the dog owner (whose identity is still unknown) should be charged under the Animal Welfare Act for putting the dog’s life at risk.

More details to come.

UPDATE (19th April, 1:40pm):

The dog walked onto the ledge on its own, it seems.

When visited by a 4-member team from the Kuala Lumpur Veterinary Services Department, the owner of the dog said that he was unaware the dog walked away from the balcony and onto the window ledge. The owner, a 52-year-old taxi driver, and hi family (wife and 2 children) are in the process of packing as they’re moving house. While packing up, he put his 5-year-old male mixed mongrel out on the balcony to prevent it from messing up their packed belongings.

Kuala Lumpur Veterinary Services Department enforcement division officer Masdin Ubin confirmed that the dog was healthy and normal.




Sources: AsiaOne, The Star Online.

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