Netizens are sharing pictures of the smoke billowing out from what looks like the general 1 Utama Shopping Centre area in Bandar Utama.

The smoke could be seen from the nearby vicinity of Kota Damansara and even as far as Section 14.

Source: Charles Tyk

According to one of our sources who works in the area, it is unclear what caused the fire, but the entire IBM Malaysia Sdn Bhd building has since been evacuated.


“It looks like it’s coming from the area opposite Media Prima. As far as I know, the area opposite is where some construction workers are staying. When I came out, the fire trucks were already here,” our source said.

Source: Maggy Wang

IBM Malaysia Sdn Bhd has also sent out a memo to all of its employees to urge them to work from alternative locations, citing the “air quality in the building” due to the fire. “Employees in Plaza IBM are advised to work from alternative locations while the building management work on improving the air quality this afternoon. Please ensure your managers are aware of your work location,” the memo said.

Read it in full below:

Source: Charles Tyk

There’s no cause for alarm as of yet though as we’re still gathering more information on the fire. We’ll update this post with more details we soon as we have ’em. Here’s hoping that nobody got hurt in the incident.

Sources: Charles Tyk, Maggy Wang, Pietro Felix / Featured image: Pietro Felix.

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