Peeps, it’s time to get ready for Pokémon GO’s Easter event.

Details for the supposed event leaked online, and if the news is true, we’ll be awarded with double XP starting today (Thursday, 13th April). Something about 2km eggs was mentioned, though the user did not elaborate on it. The information was leaked by Reddit user HiddenLeaker, who in turned sourced someone from his local Pokemon GO group.

Source: Screen Rant

With so many “leaked information” online, what makes this one trustable? Well, it’s because this user had correctly predicted the Gen 2 release and the previous World Water Day event. For the latter, the word-for-word announcement was posted on Reddit a day before Niantic made public the event on their site.


The Easter event will apparently last for a week, and PokemonGoHub has taken on the task of revealing more info. According to them, players will find it easier to hatch ultra rare Pokemon, with Snorlax, Lapras, Miltank, and Porygon highlighted. A Spanish Twitter user by the name of Team Eevolution also released the same info around the same time.

That’s all the information we have, but many are speculating that Niantic will be placing the aforementioned Pokemon in 2km eggs temporarily.

Also, if the prediction is accurate, it would only apply to eggs which are obtained after the start of the event. This is because the Pokemon in an egg is determined as soon as you pick them up, not when you hatch them.

UPDATE (14th April, 10:30am):

The predictions were indeed true. Niantic has rolled out their Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza event.

The commencement of the event was announced on Pokemon GO’s website last night (13th April, Thursday). According to the announcement, a greater variety of Pokemon can be found in 2km eggs and you’ll also earn more candies for every egg hatched.

Of course, users will be awarded with double XP during the event. It doesn’t matter if you’re catching a Pokemon, hatching eggs, spinning Pokestops, or evolving Pokemon – each action will garner you extra XP. To make it better, Lucky Eggs will also be sold at 50% off its original price.

Source: Niantic

The Eggstravaganza began at 4am this morning (Friday, 14th April) and will end a week later on 21st April (Friday) at 4am.

Go hatch some eggs, peeps!

For more info, visit Niantic’s website and Twitter.

Sources: Heavy, Pokemon GO Hub, Niantic.

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