K-Pop songstress IU (아이유, real name Lee Ji Eun) will be taking legal action against POOWAR (Ji Yong Hwan), a Korean YouTuber who recently made sexual comments about her in a live broadcast.

In a statement, Fave Entertainment, the singer’s label, said that the YouTuber “habitually made comments slandering and personally attacking IU.” They also added that they plan to file a legal complaint by Friday (14th April).

Source: GoodMoMusic/ Soompi

POOWAR reportedly compared IU to his pet dog. When asked if he likes IU or his dog, he answered,Of course I like IU. I can’t help myself. Why? Because a pet can’t give me pussy, but IU can. Because life is sex… you can understand, if you’re a man. That’s life.”


Although a viewer warned him that he could get sued for making such comments, he replied, “If IU were to sue me, it would be an honour. Then I could meet IU in court. If I tell her I’m her fan, she’ll let me go. If I meet IU, we can talk and she’ll forgive me, so it’s a win.”

Source: Koreaboo

Following Fave’s lawsuit announcement, the YouTuber apologised to IU in a new video. He said that the comments he made were just jokes and he “makes these kinds of sexual remarks constantly”.

He explained, “People who do not watch the broadcasts can’t help but get the wrong idea. Most people who watch my broadcasts just laugh it off. There’s no meaning (behind my remarks). I didn’t want to deride (IU) or mean to harass her sexually. I apologise. Everything is my fault.” 

Source: All Kpop

However, Fave said that the company will pursue legal action regardless of his apologetic message and also “react to other Internet users who post vicious comments”, according to Korea Times.

Sources: All Kpop, Koreaboo, Soompi, Korea Times, Korea Herald.

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