Love was in the air for 2 main characters from “Power Rangers” – until test audience rejected it.

Fans may remember that the 1st “Power Rangers” trailer had a steamy scene of Jason, the Red Ranger (played by Dacre Montgomery) kissing Kimberly, the Pink Ranger (played by Naomi Scott). However, that footage was cut from the film.

Jason Kimberly
Source: Gizmodo

Director Dean Israelite told Entertainment Weekly that none of the preview audience thought the smooch made sense. That was the main reason why the tender exchange between Jason and Kimberly didn’t make the theatrical cut. “Nobody liked the kiss. It’s one of those rare times in a preview when something is so unanimous,” the filmmaker said.


For those that need a reminder, Kimberly showed up at Jason’s room to confessed that she may be the reason why the team is unable to morph into their power suits. The audience didn’t react negatively to the intimate scene simply because it was a kiss. They felt that the intention of the moment – which was supposed to be about Kimberly’s growth – would be undermined.

Jason Kimberly
Source: Lionsgate

Israelite wholeheartedly agreed with the audience. “For that scene to culminate in some kind of romantic moment between her and Jason undermines her character and feels a little old-fashioned and becomes a movie trope of the female lead there to support some kind of male arc,” he said.

He continued, “I think it was actually kind of lovely that the audience pushed so hard against that, and the moment we took it out, everybody liked Kimberly way more and felt she was much stronger, and I loved that we got that reaction.”

Jason Kimberly
Source: Lionsgate

We’re glad that Israelite and his crew took the audience’s concerns into consideration and had it deleted. Keeping the kissing scene in the film would’ve made it cliche.

Power Rangers” is currently showing in cinemas.

Sources: Cinema Blend, Entertainment Weekly.

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