If you’re an avid K-Drama watcher, you would have recognised the name Yoo Ah In. Having starred in many popular dramas, the actor has built himself into a fan favourite. Sadly, we have bad news for you guys.

Just yesterday (Wednesday, 15th February), Korean media outlets reported that the heartthrob has been diagnosed with bone tumour, and fans fervently wished for it to be just a rumour. However, his agency, UAA Entertainment, has confirmed it.

Source: WordPress
Source: WordPress

The tumour was found after he underwent a medical check-up for his mandatory military service.


A statement released by his agency reads:

It’s true that Yoo Ah In has been diagnosed with a bone tumor. At the moment we cannot say whether or not it is serious. This is a sensitive matter because it’s a personal one.

However, in a statement to another news outlet, they confirmed that the tumour was indeed benign. The actor is also reportedly waiting for his next medical examination and the company will inform the public of the test results.

Source: soompi
Source: soompi

A bone tumour is a tumour that form in your bones and as it grows, the abnormal tissues displaces the healthy ones. Benign bone tumours are not likely to be deadly but they can still be dangerous as it can grow and compress the healthy bone tissue.

This is not the first health problem to plague the actor, as a shoulder injury has prevented him from conscripting previously. After failing the health test, military officials told him to come for a 2nd checkup in 2017 for his enlistment to be reviewed once again.

The 30-year-old has pushed back all his projects and endorsements as part of the enlistment requirements, but was informed that he wouldn’t be fit to serve until medical officials cleared him.

Source: SikSeekLand
Source: SikSeekLand

The actor, who is also famous for his youthful looks despite being 30, has starred in the movies “Punch” and “Veteran” as well as K-Dramas “Fashion King” and “Secret Love Affair”. However, it was the fusion historical drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” in 2010 which propelled him to fame and leading man status.

Sources: Koreaboo, Healthline, soompi.

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