What are “starter pack” (also known as “starter kit”) memes?

The term “starter pack” typically refers to “a set of essential items and instructions for taking up a particular activity or process for the first time”. On social media, the memes use multiple photos (typically 4) to describe a certain kind of person, trend, organisation, or sub-culture. You could also say that it’s a stereotypical joke.

Recently, Facebook is abuzz with Malaysian versions of the meme. We’ve got to admit, some of these “starter packs” are pretty on point. For a better understanding, here are some examples:


While it’s uncertain when the meme started gaining popularity, it is believed that it started with Twitter user Ladssss (@ItsLadinaPlis) when she tweeted, “The ‘I date black guys’ starter pack”, in September 2014.

However, Know You Meme also mentioned that the earliest known use of the term “starter kit” in internet culture is the “Thank you for ordering the crazy cat lady starter kit” meme, which took animal blogs by storm. And yes, you’ve guessed it. The meme features a box full of adorable kittens.

Source: Know Your Meme
Source: Know Your Meme

What are your thoughts on the “starter pack” memes? If you’re a big fan of it, you can create your own here.

Sources: The Malaysian Starter Pack’s Facebook page, MGAG, Know Your Meme.

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