After more than 3 years, T-ara’s Jiyeon is finally gearing up for a solo comeback!

The girl group member made her debut as a solo artiste in May 2014 with the title track “1min 1sec (1분 1초)” from the mini-album “Never Ever”, but has been busy with acting career since then. However, fans are in for a surprise, as Korean media outlet Star News recently reported that the singer is going to make a comeback.

Source: International BNT
Source: International BNT

A source from her label, MBK Entertainment, also confirmed the news. The production is reportedly still in the beginning stages and no release date has been set yet.


The source elaborated:

After confirming the production of Jiyeon’s new solo album, we are working on gathering songs for it. The concept and release date are still under discussion.

We’re not sure what concept the singer will go for this time, but if her previous works are any indication, we have a feeling that she’ll continue to show her sexiness to fans 😉

Source: T-ara World
Source: T-ara World

Jiyeon recently announced her break up with her boyfriend of 2 years, Lee Dong Gun. According to sources, the pair naturally drifted apart and broke up as they were busy with their individual schedules and couldn’t meet often. The idol also started an Instagram live video just yesterday (Thursday, 2nd February) to assure fans that she’s doing well.

UPDATE (13th February, 10:30am): 

Queens (as T-ARA’s fans are lovingly known), we’ve got some bad news for you 🙁

According to Tenasia via Koreaboo, Jiyeon will not be making a comeback anytime soon due to “bad timing”. In a statement, MBK Entertainment said, “It is true that we have delayed Jiyeon’s solo album release. We believe this is not the correct time to release an album. We are willing to take our time and wait as currently, there seems to be a lot more interest in things others than music.”

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Fans are speculating that the reason behind the delay is because of the re-emergence of former member Hwayong’s bullying scandal. In case you missed it, member Ah Reum and a former manager of T-ARA confirmed that the members did not bully Hwayoung in the past. Rather, Hwayong and her sister, Hyoyoung, threaten the girls with nasty text messages and other various actions.

Sources: allkpop, soompi.

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