At first glance, the counterfeit RM50 note may look authentic but only upon close inspection will the person realised that he or she has been duped.

A Facebook user named Chloe Ng recently encountered a similar incident when she claimed to have received a fake RM50 note during a recent visit to the pasar malam (night market). The viral post has since been shared over 13,600 times.

50 fake money
Source: Facebook

This is not the first time we’ve heard cases of counterfeit cash, but Chloe’s unfortunate experience has certainly struck a chord with many netizens online. There have been numerous instances of fake RM50 and RM100 notes over the years and this has been a growing concern among Malaysians.


In the video uploaded on Chloe’s Facebook account, she reveals how easily the RM50 note can be taken apart as the 2 separate piece of papers were stuck together. Generally, counterfeit banknotes are produced in low quality and printed using ordinary colour printers. As such, it’ll easily wear and tear.

Watch the clip below:

We’d like to encourage our readers to be more careful the next time you receive a RM50 and RM100 note. If you’re buying something at the pasar malam, perhaps it’ll be safer to prepare smaller notes before making your purchase.

Source: Chloe Ng’s Facebook.

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