The time has come for I.O.I‘s (아이오아이, an acronym for “Ideal of Idol”) disbandment. The project K-Pop idol group has dropped a new song, titled “Downpour” (소나기), as a farewell gift to fans.

Produced and written by SEVENTEEN’s Woozi (우지), the track was personally chosen by the girls as their final project together.

Source: Yibada
Source: Yibada

The girl group consists of 11 members – Lim Na Young, Kim Chung Ha, Kim Se Jeong, Jung Chae Yeon, Zhou Jieqiong (aka Pinky), Kim So Hye, Yu Yeon Jung, Choi Yoo Jung, Kang Mi Na, Kim Do Yeon, and Jeon So Mi. They made their debut in May last year with “Dream Girls” after “graduating” from Mnet’s “PRODUCE 101” (프로듀스 101), a large scale girl group survival program with 101 female trainees from different agencies both inside and outside South Korea. To date, I.O.I has released 3 EPs: “Chrysalis”, “Whatta Man”, and “Miss Me?”.


“Downpour” is an emotional ballad laced with heartfelt lyrics and sweet piano tunes, highlighting the members’ vocals. With phrases like “This very cold rain may turn into warm tears and trickle down”, the song expresses the group’s hopeful wish to meet their fans again in the future.

The accompanying music video is also a tear-jerking affair as it shows the girls’ memories together, both happy and sad.


According to Soompi, I.O.I will officially disband after their concert, which will be held on 20th to 22nd January. In other news, a male version of “Produce 101” is set to air in the first half of 2017.

Thank you, I.O.I. You girls have been amazing! Hwaiting 🙂

Source: Soompi (1), (2).

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