Are you guys ready for a Slenderman feature film?

It was reported that “Stomp The Yard” director Sylvain White is set to helm the upcoming horror flick, with a script penned by David Birke (of Paul Verhoeven’s “Elle” fame).


Just in case you didn’t know, Slenderman (aka Slender Man) is a fictional Creepypasta Internet meme that was created by Something Awful forums user, Eric Knudsen (aka Victor Surge) back in 2009 as part of a Photoshop contest. The supernatural icon is described as a thin, unusually tall, faceless man who wears a black suit.


Stories of the Slenderman commonly involves him stalking, abducting, or traumatising people, particularly children. The Creepypasta character extends a wide range of spin-offs including artworks, games, and several low budget films.

In 2014, a pair of 12-year-old American girls lured a friend into the woods and stabbed her 19 times. The girls reportedly claimed that they wished to commit a murder as a first step to “appease” Slenderman.

Source: Coming Soon
Source: Coming Soon

The forthcoming film will be produced by Mythology Entertainment’s Bradley Fischer, James Vanderbilt, and William Sherak alongside Madhouse’s Robyn Meisinger and No Dream’s Sarah Snow. Production is expected to begin this spring.

A HBO true crime documentary, titled “Beware the Slenderman”, will premiere on 23rd January.

Sources: Coming Soon, Deadline, Wikipedia.

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