In the past month, there has been several reported cases of suspected terror attacks. On 21st December, 3 three suspects who were planning to stage a suicide bomb attack on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve were shot dead after a gun battle with the Indonesian anti-terrorism police at house near Jakarta.

Hours before, halfway across the world, a tractor-trailer truck ploughed into a busy Berlin Christmas market frequented by locals and tourists, killing 12 people and injuring at least 48 people in a suspected terror attack.

Source: REUTERS/Pawel Kopczynski
Source: REUTERS/Pawel Kopczynski

While we’re all looking forward to soak in the year-end festivities with our friends and family, starting with the Christmas celebrations in just a couple of sleeps, certain densely populated outlets aren’t taking any chances this holiday season.


Back in January this year, The Royal Malaysian Police and the Malaysian Armed Forces launched a 24-hour joint patrol at popular public spots in the Klang Valley following violent incidents in several major cities in the world. Areas like Bukit Bintang and major shopping malls were among locations that are under the joint patrol.

Source: Yahoo!
Source: Yahoo!

However, in the interest of ensuring the safety of customers during the year-end festivities, popular public spots such as malls, clubs, and hotels in the country are stepping up security to complement efforts made by the Malaysian Armed Forces and Royal Malaysian Police.

The Star Online quoted Malaysia Shopping Malls Association adviser HC Chan as saying that the number of mall visitors can increase by 50% during the year-end holidays. As such, larger malls in Malaysia have more than 100 personnel as well as the help of the auxiliary police, coupled with CCTVs to ensure the safety of their patrons.


Popular night haunts in the city have also taken the liberty to beef up security for their premises. Zouk KL’s marketing manager Jimmy Lee told us, “As the busy holiday season is upon us, we understand the need for extra security and precautions because of the increased traffic and activity in commercial and public spaces.”

As an operator of such a space, Zouk KL will be taking the following measures to ensure the safety of their customers and efficiency of their operations this holiday season:

  • Increased Internal Security – Zouk KL’s security team will receive additional manpower and are subject to high-level training upon hiring.
  • Enhanced safety measures by an outsourced security service agency.
  • Increased External Security – Roaming auxiliary police and armed soldiers.
  • Coordinated security efforts from Zouk KL and the TREC entertainment area.
  • Metal detectors at the Zouk KL Entrance.
  • Random body searches with both male and female security to ensure only same-sex searches.
  • CCTV system including 100’s of cameras fully operational and ready for the holiday season.


Kuala Lumpur’s massive entertainment enclave, TREC KL, has also taken precautionary measures in preparation of the year-end festivities.


“TREC has an all-round security in place at various parts of the estate in day and night operations. We continue to be vigilant during the festive season, and to provide a safe and secure environment for our visitors,” TREC KL’s Assistant Manager of Property Management Kelvin Lam revealed.

The security initiatives include:

  • 24hrs uniform guard patrol of entire TREC compound.
  • 24hrs CCTV surveillance system at the estate.
  • 24hrs trained in-house security personal.
  • Night duty uniform police corporal and army corporal.
  • Night duty plain-clothes police officers.
Kuala Lumpur
Source: File pic

If you absolutely have to be out and about this holiday season, here’s what you can do to play a part in ensuring the safety of others:

  • Report suspicious items. For example, random bags, parcels, or items that are left unattended in public places with high traffic.
  • Study your exit points. Just in case you need to make a run for it, you need to know exactly where to go.
  • Look out for people who look “out of place”. For example, people who are wearing clothing not consistent with the weather conditions.
  • Don’t doubt your instincts. If anything feels not right to you, alert the security personnel or authorities right away.

Stay safe, peeps!

Sources: The Star Online, FMT, The Guardian, CNN.

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