If you’re like us, then “Ola Bola” must have made you bawl like a baby.

At the 53rd Annual Golden Horse Film Awards, which was held in Taipei on Saturday (26th November), the film’s anthem, Zee Avi’s “Arena Cahaya”, won “Best Original Song” (aka “Best Theme Song”)! Produced by Alvin Wee, the song was composed by local songwriter Rendra Zawawi and the Miri-born singer herself.

Source: The Star
Source: The Star

“I thought I was here just to perform the song. Thank you Director Chiu for this incredible opportunity. This is an amazing project to be apart of as it is about unity, diversity, and harmony, and it is to remind us that we are all the same,” said the “Kantoi” singer.


Zee Avi also added that the win proved that “music is the universal language of mankind”.

Other nominees in the category include “It’s Cold Without Your Love” from “Big Fish & Begonia” (China); “Sawadika” from “Detective Chinatown (China); “Love Without Words” from “Lokah Laqi! Hang In There, Kids!” (Taiwan); and “It’s Not A Crime” from “Soul Mate” (China).

Directed by Chiu Keng Guan (of “The Journey” fame), “OlaBola”, which raked in RM16.67mil at the Malaysian box-office, is touted as the “biggest football movie in Malaysian film history”.

The film is about a multicultural team of Malaysian footballers struggling to overcome personal and collective hardships together as a team and create the most triumphant “zero to hero” story.

Congratulations to Zee Avi and the “Ola Bola” team 🙂 We’re so proud!

Sources: The Star, NST.

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