OK Go has upped their creative game once again!

On Wednesday (23rd November), the group took to Facebook to post their latest music video for “The One Moment”, which was taken from the group’s 4th album “Hungry Ghosts”. The mind-blowing video has since gained over 11 millions views.

Source: OK Go’s Facebook page

Arguably the best music video of 2016, the clip features a burst of colours, exploding guitars, splashing paint, and water balloons. In real time, the entire sequence took only 4.2 seconds to film! The short video is then slowed down to the song’s full length (roughly 4 minutes). In partnership with Morton Salt, the music video also highlights the company’s #WalkHerWalk campaign, a social responsible movement that promises to make a positive impact in the world.


In speaking to Rolling Stone, the 4-member indie-rock band’s frontman Damian Kulash said, “I’ve always had a fascination with slow-mo footage – it almost feels like cheating because everything in slow-mo is beautiful.” 


Known for their brilliantly choreographed visuals, OK Go has released many other innovative creations such as the treadmill video for “Here It Goes Again”; the gravity-defying “Upside Down & Inside Out”; and “I Won’t Let You Down”, a video that uses a lot of umbrellas.

It’s always a joy waiting for the next OK Go video. We wonder what will the boys bring us next? 🙂

For more information, hit up the group’s Facebook page.

Sources: Rolling Stone, OK Go Facebook page.

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