Taiwanese band Mayday (五月天) is back with more awesome music.

The quintet released their 9th studio album “History Of Tomorrow (自传)” in July, and to commemorate the occasion, the group released the music video for one of their tracks, “Here, After, Us (後來的我們)”. And now, they have made public the music video for another one of their songs, titled “Song About You (好好 [想把你寫成一首歌])”.

Source: Mayday's Facebook
Source: Mayday’s Facebook

The track is fully produced by the band, with lead singer Ashin writing the lyrics and drummer Ming lending a hand in composing. The other members also contributed in arranging the song.


Like most of their music videos, the latest one hardly features the members of Mayday in it. We see glimpses of them performing the song throughout the clip, but for most part, it relates the journey of 2 best friends and a stray cat they picked up on the street. While confusing at the beginning, the short story builds up to be a tale of fate, and Mayday’s sentiment of living life to the fullest is echoed in the music video.


The band has released a total of 5 music videos for the tracks in their latest album, namely for “Party Animal (派对动物)”, “What If We Had Never Met (如果我们不曾相遇)”, the aforementioned “Here, After, Us”, “Tough (顽固)”, and “Song About You’.

For updates on Mayday, visit them on their official Weibo and Facebook page.

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