2016 is definitely VIXX’s year. Not only has the group made 3 comebacks this year, releasing loads of new music for fans, but they’re now back with another album.

ST☆RLIGHTs (as fans of VIXX are lovingly known as) started the week on a high note, as VIXX dropped the music video for “Milky Way”, the title track of their latest album “Ker (Κήρ)”, at midnight today (Monday, 21st November).

Source: YouTube Screenshot
Source: YouTube Screenshot

12 songs are included in “Ker”, a compilation album, but only the title track, “Milky Way”, is an original. Other tracks include “Dynamite (다이너마이트)”, “Six Feet Under (늪)”, and “Bad Bye (손의 이별)” from “Zelos”; “Fantasy”, “Love Me Do”, and “Butterfly Effect (나비 효과)” from “Hades”; as well as “The Closer”, “Desperate”, “Shooting Star”, “Good Night and Good Morning”, and “Romance Is Over (로맨스는 끝났다)” from “Kratos”.


However, a DVD containing various behind-the-scene footage and conceptualisation process of the albums will be available for fans who buy the album.

Unlike most of their past music videos, which took on dark and eerie concepts, their latest video is a heartwarming affair. It not only shows the boys of VIXX being their cute self while singing sweetly for their fans, but also features hoards of fans from one of their events.


For more info, visit VIXX’s official website and Facebook page.

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