Full Metal Alchemist fans, this is what you guys have been waiting for.

The trailer for the live action adaptation of popular manga series “Full Metal Alchemist (鋼の錬金術師)” has been released, giving us a glimpse of how the series would look like if it happened in real life.

Source: Full Metal Alchemist's Website
Source: Full Metal Alchemist’s Website

Iconic scenes from the story were shown, and the movie shows Ryōsuke Yamada (a member of Hey! Say! JUMP) in full costume as the alchemist and main character Edward Elric and also Al in full CGI (no voice actor has been revealed as of press time). While Winry Rockbell and Roy Mustant weren’t present in the trailer, we know that Tsubasa Honda (who acted as Futaba in “Blue Spring Ride”) and Dean Fujioka (who acted in “Happy Marriage”) will portray the characters.


Other cast includes Fumiyo Kohinata as General Hakuro; Ryuta Sato as Maes Hughes; Misako Renbutsu as Riza Hawkeye; Natsuna as Maria Ross; Natsuki Harada as Gracia Hughes; Yo Oizumi as Shou Tucker; Jun Kunimura as Doctor Marco; Yasuko Matsuyuki as Lust; Kanata Hongou as Envy; Shinji Uchiyama as Gluttony; and Kenjiro Ishimaru as Father Cornello.

The 30-second clip was not the only thing that excited fans, as several movie stills were also made public.


Fumihiko Sori, who will be helming the film, shared her thoughts on the film. She expressed, “I want to create a style that follows the original manga as much as possible. The cast is entirely Japanese, but the cultural background is Europe. However, it’s a style that doesn’t represent a specific race or country. There will never be a scene in which a character says something that would identify him/her as Japanese.

In June, several on-set photos of the film was leaked, showing the main actor dressed up as the elder Elric brother in Volterra, Italy. Filming began in early June and wrapped up in Japan in mid-August.

The movie will stay true to the source material and tell the story of the Elric brothers, who are on the search to restore their damaged body, which was destroyed after an alchemical ritual went wrong. The director has also revealed the story will be cramped into one complete film, and Ed’s age has been changed to 20, instead of the original 15.

It would be interesting to see how they will cramp a total of 51 episodes in a movie and how Ed’s age affects the dynamic, but for now, let’s enjoy the trailer.



Here’s the full transcript of the trailer, by courtesy of Anime News Network:

Text: The time has come.
Text: Original work: Hiromu Arakawa
Text: Director: Fumihiko Sori (Ping Pong)
Text: Two brothers’ great journey.
Text: The legend…
Text: Finally begins.
Title Logo: Fullmetal Alchemist
Edward: I promise I’ll get our bodies back.
Text: 2017, winter.

The live-action adaptation is slated for release in Japan in winter (December to January) 2017.

For more info, visit their official website and Twitter.

Sources: Anime News Network (1) (2).

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