There are many reasons why people’s interest in yoga practice have skyrocketed over the years. There are numerous physical and mental health benefits from yoga.

Besides being a great way to focus on meditation and concentrated muscle movements, yoga also helps with blood pressure, pain management, and anxiety. It’s amazing how a little quiet time between a yogi and a rubber mat can change the person’s life.

Source: Women’s Forum

Of course, not everybody has the luxury of attending regular yoga sessions at a local studio or gym, especially when life gets in the way. Not to mention, the monthly fee that you’ll have to fork out. Luckily for you, the internet is a treasure trove of amazing workouts.


There are plenty of routines and options for all yoga practitioners (regardless whether you’re a seasonal or beginner). However, many web videos are secured behind a paywall. Finding free and good yoga classes online is not impossible, you just have to spend some time searching.

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So don’t fret if money, time, and location have prevented you from your regular yoga practice. Lucky for you, we’ve managed to compiled some of the best websites and YouTube channels that lets you workout for free through a series of video guides.

So the next time you’re motivated to get on the mat for a yoga session, these online classes are just a click of a button away!

1. Do Yoga With Me

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“Do Yoga With Me” has a library full of videos containing yoga classes, tutorials, explanations of poses, breathing techniques, and anatomy. Before viewing a video, you can check out what level the class is (e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced), the duration of the session, props requirement, and a link to the teacher’s bio.

The variety of yoga styles includes: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini, Ashtanga, and prenatal classes. Those with difficulties calming your monkey mind for meditation can also check out the site’s audio guide to help turn off the chitta (subconscious mind) and into a relaxed zone.

Most suited for: Intermediate-level and experienced yogis who want to broaden their knowledge on new breathing techniques, meditations, and yoga styles.



2. Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene
Source: Yoga with Adriene

If you’re more of an at-home yoga person, look no further than Adriene Mishler’s “Yoga with Adriene” YouTube channel. Known for her approachable demeanor and clear instruction, this Austinite approaches health and wellness with a sense of humour and playfulness that makes her instantly likeable.

Whether you’re feeling like working up a sweat or just want to take it easy, Adriene has a series of sessions to suit every mood and goal. Videos such as “Yoga for Anxiety and Stress”, “Yoga at Your Desk”, and “Yoga for Bedtime”, range between 20 to 30 minutes. Our recommendation for starters? Her “30 days of Yoga” series is a good place to start.

Most suited for: Beginners; If you’re not too serious about yoga

YouTube channel: Yoga with Adriene

3. Be More Yogic

Be More Yogic

Don’t get turned off by the fact that this site requires you to sign up for free. It’s a fast and easy process. Once registered, you can browse through their online classes, all filmed outdoors on scenic locations like Zanzibar (East Africa) and Andalusia (Spain). “Be More Yogic” works with a minimal list of instructors – 6 to be exact – so it’s easy to follow your favourite guru.

Thanks to the short classes available, it’s easy to pick up poses such as forward bends, which is a great sequence to help you during long flights. Although there are also great full-length classes to advance and challenge yourself, “Be More Yogic” offers shorter clips on specific classes to help you master tricky poses such as the tripod headstand or the crow pose.

Side note: Premium membership will give you access a larger selection of classes.

Most suited for: Curious dabblers who are interested to try out a few different workouts before committing


4. Sean Vigue Fitness

Sean Vigue
Source: Sean Vigue

Fitness personality Sean Vigue is known for his power yoga and pilates tutorials that are geared towards the male crowd. Don’t worry dudettes, this YouTube channel isn’t exclusive to yogi dudes only. Vigue tends to focus more on core exercises as well as body weight and fat burning work outs. His videos range from 5 minutes clips for targeted muscle groups to his 20 to 40 minutes flow.

Most suited for: Yogis who want to work more on core strength

YouTube channel: SeanVigueFitness

5. Fightmaster Yoga

To all seasoned yoga practitioners, if you’re looking for something more challenging than your daily exercise, look no further than “Fightmaster Yoga”. This YouTube channel is managed by YogaWorks teacher Lesley Fightmaster, who uploads a new class consistently every Monday.

In addition to her 90-day yoga program to help you cultivate a healthy yoga habit everyday for 3 months, the channel also has yoga playlists for HIIT and cardio, strength-building, flexibility, and stretching. For newbies, there’s also the beginner and intermediate programs, as well as gentle yoga and meditation videos.

Most suited for: Yogis who want hard core and sweat-inducing sequences.

YouTube channel: Fightmaster Yoga

6. Yoga by Candace

yoga candace
Source: Yoga by Candace

On the contrary, if you are more at ease with simple and calming yoga sequences, the “Yoga by Candace” YouTube channel offers tons of information about yoga, wellness, and lifestyle content. The video content has routines that guide you from pose to pose with control and purpose. Although most classes are intended for regular yogis, instructor Candace Moore does offer modifications for beginners.

Most suited for: Practitioners who prefer simple and slower sequences

YouTube channel: Yoga by Candace


Source: Do You Yoga

If you dread searching through websites and rummaging through YouTube for tutorials, then YOME (short for Your Home For Yoga) is your time saver. The site contains a library full of videos categorised by practice level, style, and even customised classes (for people with knee pain, PMS, asthma, constipation, and more).

Most suited for: Those who want to explore different routines everyday


8. Kino Yoga

Known for her practice in traditional Ashtanga yoga, Kino MacGregor has over 15 years of experience and has traveled to Mysore, India numerous times to further her understanding. Her approach is unique in the sense that she creates a space dedicated to the integration of yoga, holistic health, and consciousness to help her students expand and deepen their understanding of yoga and life.

Most suited for: Yogis who want to explore more than just the physical benefits of yoga

YouTube channel: KinoYoga

Source: Core Vitality Yoga

With all these yoga information at your fingertips, we recommend saving this post for later and slowly explore all the amazing outlets listed above. Yoga practice is portable and it doesn’t belong to a specific yoga studio, teacher or style. Just make your practice your own and it’ll begin to flourish.

Until next time, namaste 😉

Sources: NY MagAshtanga Yoga, Yogi Approved, Daily Downward Dog.

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