Uh oh, Namewee (黃明志) is in hot water again.

RED People’s Michiyo Ho (何念玆) recently released her new Mandarin single “MIMI” (咪咪) for Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Zumba Charity Event. The song was written and produced by the controversial rapper himself.

Just in case you didn’t know, “MIMI” is a common slang for women’s breasts.

Source: Toggle
Source: Toggle

Though the track was meant to remind the public of the importance of conducting breast self-exams, many netizens felt that the lyrics were sexual and inappropriately used. In the music video, which was viewed over 770,000 times, Michiyo can be seen dancing in a sexy nurse costume while being surrounded by 9 masked women. The choreography focuses on various chest movements.

“Big or small, they love grumbling about it/ But still guys love them/ Some are huge, but want it bigger, which is quite frightening/ Some people likes to shake it to gain profit/ Squeeze on it when you’re free”.

Source: YouTube Screenshot
Source: YouTube Screenshot

One YouTube user commented, “nothing wrong, there are always rubbish, and he still make money with these rubbish, through subscriber,” while another wrote “I don’t know whether to close my eyes or my ears”.

Namewee took to Facebook to slam haters and remind netizens that the song is to increase awareness on breast cancer, adding that RED People will be at the Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Zumba Charity Event in Penang M Mall O2O on 23rd October.

He said, “This is a song about BREAST. Dun be SUAKU (a country bumpkin), now is 2016. Many keyboard warriors commented (on the video)…Don’t your mom have breasts? What did you drink while growing up? Are breasts shocking? Only those with a dirty mind will view it as dirty”.

You can watch the video below:

This controversy comes shortly after Namewee’s arrest for “Oh My God” featuring Taiwanese band Nine-One-One (911), a Mandarin song which allegedly insulted Islam.


What do you think about “MIMI”? Do you think it’s too sexual? Let us know in the comments below!

Sources: Namewee’s Facebook, Toggle.

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