A couple’s outing turned out to be a night of terror when they suddenly found them themselves under attack by a group of “Mat Rempits”. According to a woman named San San, she was with her boyfriend at around 2:15am on Monday (10th October) when their ordeal began.

Her boyfriend had parked their Perodua Myvi at the Kelana Jaya lake open air parking lot to key in coordinates into their Waze app. Suddenly, a group of bikers – 4 motorcycles, each carrying 2 people- appeared and surrounded their vehicle. One of them tapped on the passenger window and order them to get out. However, sensing that something was not right, San San and her boyfriend remained in their car.

San San LDP Mat Rempits Chase
Source: San San’s Facebook post

San San’s boyfriend then decided to escape and reversed the car in an attempt to get away from the bikers. He floored the accelerator crashed into one of the bikers, which in turn incited aggression and the bikers began kicking their vehicle. What ensued after was a high-speed pursuit along the Damansara-Puchong Expressway (LDP) as the bikers gave chase.


Throughout the chase, the men kept shouting at them to stop and threw rocks at their car. One of them even flung a sparkplug, which busted their passenger side window. To make matters worse, one of the wheels on the Perodua Myvi that they were in was running on its rim as it sustained a flat tyre after ramming into one of the motorcycles.

“We had no choice but to slam the emergency brakes, which caused 2 of the motorcycles to escape towards the KDU direction because they probably thought that we were going to hit them. The other 2 motorcycles, however, were still tailing us so I had to call the police,” San San said in her Facebook post dated Monday, 10th October 2016.

San San LDP Mat Rempits Chase 5
Source: San San’s Facebook post

The steering wheel also began to fail, which made it difficult for them control their vehicle, what more at the speed that they were travelling. San San and her boyfriend were already approaching 1 Utama Shopping Centre, but they had no choice but to soldier on in hopes of losing the bikers and getting the help that they needed.

Luckily for the couple, the bikers eventually gave up and exited the LDP as they were approaching the Kepong toll plaza. San San and her boyfriend then pulled up by the side of the road but because they were still shaken from the incident and fearful of being followed, they sought help from the toll plaza’s security, who stayed with them until the police arrived. The police arrived in after about 10 minutes and helped them call a tow truck.

San San and her boyfriend filed a police report the next day.

She relayed her entire ordeal in a Facebook post complete with pictures of visibly damaged Perodua Myvi. Her post has since garnered over 28,600 shares and 3,300 comments.

Source: San San.

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