The harassment towards Uber drivers has been ongoing with the latest incident taking place at the Penang International Airport yesterday (Sunday, 9th October).

A couple was taken aback when their Uber driver was stopped and cornered by several airport limousine drivers. The incident was recorded and uploaded on Anti Penang Airport Limos’ Facebook account on the same day.


In the short clip, a man in a black shirt with shades can be seen messing with the car’s viper, while continuously knocking on the, asking the driver and the passengers to turun (translation: get down from the vehicle).

According to a report by The Star, one of the passengers, Debbie Wong, claimed that 2 men with walkie-talkies had demanded she and her husband to step out shortly after they got into the Uber driver’s vehicle outside the airport arrival hall. “Our driver took out his camera to take pictures but they turned their backs and walked away,” the 32-year-old lady recalled.

uber harassment penang
Source: Facebook

Unfortunately after driving a short distance, their pathway was blocked again a limousine and several other airport taxi drivers. “Another group of men demanded that we step out of the vehicle. When we did not, they started banging the window and shouting at us. That’s when I phoned the airport police,” Debbie said.

The aggressive drivers only dispersed when the police arrived. Debbie added that the Uber driver went to the airport’s police station but could not confirm if a report was lodged against the troublemakers. Fortunately for the driver, he has the recorded smartphone videos as evidence.

Netizens have also expressed their disagreement and disgust towards the behaviours of the aforementioned taxi drivers. Facebook user Gurmeet Singh suggests, “Dear taxis, try striving for better service rather than the current thuggish service. Till then, the majority are with Uber. Their money, their choice.”

His sentiments were echoed by Darius Dafoe, who commented, “Incredibly stupid taxi drivers… Why do they always resort to violence? Such attitude is totally acceptable! Everyone wants to cari makan (translation: earn a living). I have been using Uber for a year and I am totally in love with their great service.”

We agree in the sense that brute force isn’t the answer and will only turn more customers against taxi drivers. What do y’all think?


Sources: Anti Penang Airport Limos’ Facebook, The Star.

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