If you had already made plans to travel down to Johor for a holiday later this month, you might want to rethink your decision. That’s cause October is going to be a very wet month.

The Johor government has issued a warning to those living in the coastal areas to make early preparations and take extra precaution as the high tide phenomenon is expected to hit the state later this month.

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Source: Borneo Post

According to the New Straits Times, Johor Health and Environment Committee chairman Datuk Ayub Rahmat announced that the state branch of the Malaysian Meteorological Department has forecasted that water levels could possibly reach up to 3.9 meters in certain areas, between 16th to 20th October.


The high tide was brought by the perigee, a phenomenon when the orbit of the moon is nearest to the earth. As a result, a simultaneous occurrence of thunderstorms and strong winds could cause certain areas to be flooded.

The coastal areas that will most probably be affected are:

  • Johor Baru coastal area (up to 3.9 meters)
  • Pasir Gudang (up to 3.5 meters)
  • Mersing (up to 3.2 meters)
  • Kuala Batu Pahat (up to 3.2 meters)
  • Endau coastal area (up to 3.4 meters)
  • Pulau Pisang (up to 3.5 meters)
  • Tanjung Langsat (up to 3.5 meters)
  • Tanjung Pelepas (up to 3.5 meters)
  • Tanjung Sedili (below 3 meters)
  • Sungai Belungkor (up to 3.3 meters)
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I advise residents in coastal areas to take precaution, to be careful and to keep themselves updated with weather changes. Recreational activities at coastal areas should be avoided during that period,” Ayub was quoted as saying.

Stay safe guys.

Source: NST.

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