Oops, it seems like residents are getting fed up of Pokémon GO players wandering around their housing areas.

It was reported that residents of Lebuh Cannon and Lebuh Acheh in Penang have lodged a police report against several users of the popular mobile game, claiming that they “disturbed the peacefulness of the area”.

Source: The Star
Source: The Star

George Town OCPD Asst Commisioner Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said that police have been assigned to monitor the situation upon receiving the noise complaints from the residents.


“I have instructed traffic police personnel to issue summonses to players whose vehicles or motorcycles are parked haphazardly on road shoulders, causing traffic congestion here,” he said.

Though there’s nothing wrong in playing the game, he would like to advise players to keep their noise level to the minumum. “Police have also advised players not to make so much noise, which could disturb public order and the residents’ peacefulness in the area,” he added.

Source: NST
Source: NST

Upon hearing the news, many netizens poked fun at the situation, saying that the police shouldn’t take the complaints too seriously as it’s “just a game”.

One Facebook user known as Lim commented, “How noisy can players be? It’s not singing karaoke on the phone”, while another user wrote, “Everything also can make Police report. No wonder always insufficient Police to prevent real crime”.

Source: Forbes
Source: Forbes

But regardless of the situation, we’d like to remind Pokémon GO players to play in moderation while being respectful of others.

Sources: Straits Times, NST.

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