Here’s another reason to be proud of our very own “Pearl of the Orient”.

“Miss Sunshine”, a Hong Kong romantic comedy starring several famous actresses such as Maggie Cheung and Annie Liu, will be shot mostly in Penang, revealed helmer Clifton Ko.

Source: Every Nation
Source: Every Nation

On why Penang was chosen, Hong Kong-born Ko said that it was because “the island feels like 2 different places at once”. He also found it easier to base the production in Penang as there won’t be any barrier of communication.


At the press conference for the movie, he also declared his love for Penang, stating, “I like Penang. At a glance, it’s like Hawaii. But it also feels like home, since there is a strong continuation of the Chinese culture in Penang.

Source: Laksou
Source: Laksou

It was also revealed that the director approached Christopher Lee, who is already a household name in Singapore and Malaysia, to offer him a role in the movie. Explaining that he has never worked in a Hong Kong production before, Lee said he found working with the Hong Kong cast interesting. The actor would be playing a “flirtatious guy” in the movie.

Apart from the aforementioned actresses and actors, Michelle Wai, who is known for her work in “Love Thy Family”; Shirley Yeung, who was crowned Miss Hong Kong in 2001; Louis Cheung, a popular Hong Kong singer and actor; and Alex Fong, an Olympian-turned actor will be starring in the movie too.

Sources: Sin Chew Daily via Cinema Online, Yahoo / Featured Image: Every Nation.

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