Peeps, take heed of your surroundings no matter where you are.

A Facebook user by the name of Coco Yee shared her horrible experience in 1Shamelin Shopping Centre yesterday (Sunday, 3rd July), in which her modesty was almost outraged. According to Yee, a pervert tried to record a video of her while she was in the washroom. Fortunately for Yee, she was still fully dressed.

Source: Coco Yee II Facebook
Source: Coco Yee II Facebook

In her Facebook post, which has been shared by 3,462 people as of time of writing, she related her ordeal:


I wanted to go to the washroom but the lavatory was too dirty, hence I cleaned it, after I finished, I noticed that (someone was) using a phone to record my actions! I shouted and the man withdrew his hand! I ran out in shock and also to seek help. Because it was too quiet, nobody heard my cries of help. Fortunately, there was someone in a nearby shop and I asked for their help. When the security guards came, I found out that the 3rd door was locked. 2 guards took a few photos and as expected, there was someone inside! After they shouted for him to come out, he finally did. When the pervert noticed that I was recording him, he still had the guts to stare at me! They took him to the security office and I believe that they will handle the matter. A warning to all fellow females, no matter which shopping mall you visit, please wash the lavatory. Also, remember to look around to make sure that no one is secretly recording you! Thank heavens, I was still fully dressed! Because I wore a dress today! This incident gave me a scare.

As 1Shamelin is a fairly deserted mall, it’s no wonder that such an incident happened. The mall opened in recent years, but has seen a decrease in tenants as they experience a drop in visitors.

Kudos to the mall’s security team for their swift actions! We’re also glad that Yee escaped unscathed and sincerely hope that shopping malls would increase security so that history wouldn’t repeat itself.

Source: Coco Yee II’s Facebook.

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