An explosion rocked a popular “watering hole” in Puchong early this morning (Tuesday, 28th June).

The incident, which happened at around 2:15am when Movida IOI Boulevard patrons were watching the Italy vs. Spain Euro 2016 football match, reportedly injured a few of the outlet’s patrons.

Movida Puchong


According to this Info Roadblock Jpj/polis Facebook post, a Movida employee (who declined to be named) said that he saw 2 unknown male suspects throwing an unidentified object on the ground before he heard the explosion. The aftermath of the attack left at least 6 visitors, including women, injured, while the rest of the patrons ran for their lives.

The Info Roadblock Jpj/polis Facebook post added that the surrounding IOI Boulevard areas were cordoned off soon after by the authorities who arrived at the scene to aid investigations. Initial reports did not reveal the motives behind the attack, but confirmed that nobody was killed in the early morning blast.

Meanwhile, The Star quoted Selangor deputy CPO Deputy Comm Datuk Abd Rahim Jaafar as saying that the police are investigating whether the attack was fuelled by business rivalry, vengeance, or if the suspects were targeting specific individuals at the nightspot.

He added that it was not an act of terror and that the case is currently being investigated as attempted murder.

UPDATE (28th June, 12:05pm):

According to MMO, citing a Movida staff, there were more than 20 patrons at the outlet during the incident. Out of the 20 patrons 8 were injured. “4 men and 4 women were injured, including a female Chinese national, from the explosion,” Selangor deputy CPO Deputy Comm Datuk Abd Rahim Jaafar told reporters at the scene.


The blast was believed to have been caused by a hand grenade, as investigators found the grenade’s safety lever at the explosion site while the safety pin was discovered along the main road facing Movida.

UPDATE (4th July, 12:05pm):

The police has confirmed that the recent grenade incident in Movida IOI Boulevard, Puchong on 28th June was the first ever successful IS (Islamic State) attack in Malaysia. Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said that the police have arrested a total of 15 suspects from 28th June to 1st July.

“We managed to apprehend 2 individuals involved in the throwing of mini hand-grenades at Movida on the night of the incident. We were able to arrest the 2 of them and they are still detained,” he told MMO.

He also added that the police are searching for another 2 suspects that were believed to be involved in the attack.

Source: Malay Mail Online
Source: Malay Mail Online

Apparently, the suspects received orders from Muhamad Wanndy Mohamad Jedi, a Malaysian IS member in Syria. Wanndy ordered them to attack senior leaders of the Malaysian government, police, and judges because they are “blocking their (IS) activities”.

UPDATE (5th July, 12:40pm):

According to NST, Malaysian IS member Muhamad Wanndy Mohamad Jedi, who is currently located in Syria, warned of bigger attacks to come. He said that the recent bombing incident in Movida, Puchong was just a small-scale attack to warn the government to stop its crackdown against IS. He added that a larger-scale attack might be imminent if the authorities continue to use the Security Offences.

“If the Malaysian government continues with their arrogant actions and punish Sosma (Security Offences Act 2012) detainees (IS members) as they wish, it is possible that we will opt to use SVBIED (suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive device),” Wanndy told NST via a social media website.

However, experts believe members of the terror group in Malaysia do not have enough resources.

Muhammad Wanndy Mohamed Jedi (Source: TodayOnline)

In regards to why Movida was targeted, Wanndy said, “Movida was a place of sin that had been frequented by Muslim youngs ters. That is why we launched a small-scale attack to warn Muslims so that they stop committing sins and return to the right path of Allah”.

Sources: Info Roadblock Jpj/polisF a c e b o o k News 新闻最前线.

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