Singapore Airlines flight SQ368, heading to Milan from Singapore, caught fire early this morning (Monday, 27th June) at 6:50am. The aircraft’s right engine went up in flames after the plane made an emergency landing in Changi Airport.

Fortunately, the fire was put out by the airport emergency services and no casualties or injuries amongst the 222 passengers and 19 crew members were reported. Those on board the flight disembarked without any incident and will be redirected to a later flight heading to Milan.

Source: Douglas Yew via Channel News Asia
Source: Douglas Yew via Channel NewsAsia

The Boeing 777-300ER departed at 2:05am from Changi Airport, but was forced to make a turn back as it encountered an engine oil warning message. Lee Bee Yee, a passenger of the flight, explained that the plane reeked of fuel and was “leaking oil on the right side”.


In a statement to Channel NewsAsia, she further explained:

The captain said that they cannot turn on that side of the engine or else the plane will be vibrating. And they can’t fly like this to Milan… That’s why they turned back.

The plane reached Changi Airport without any untoward incidents but once it touched down, a spark ignited and the right wing of the plane burst into flames. Passengers were ready to run for their lives, but were advised by an announcement to “stay calm and stay in (their) seats”.

Lee described the next 5 minutes as “heart-wrenching”, as the passengers had to wait for fire engines and fire fighters to put out the fire. Jets of foam and water were directed at the source of fire until it was put out.

Passengers were then given the choice of deferring their flight or to take an alternative flight. Those who chose not to continue their flight will be offered a hotel stay while Singapore Airlines will reimburse the taxi fares to those who are residing in Singapore.

We were glad that all passengers escaped unhurt and kudos to Singapore Airlines for their efficient and commendable actions!

Sources: Channel NewsAsia,, Singapore Air.


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