Animal cruelty is wrong, inhumane, and it has to be stopped.

A 3-month-old abused Pomeranian in a paper bag was abandoned at Empire Damansara’s basement car park yesterday (Wednesday, 22nd June). When a Facebook user known as Liew found it in the parking lot, the poor puppy’s mouth was taped tightly with its tongue sticking out and its 2 front legs were broken.


Due to her fear of dogs, Liew passed it over to the building’s security guard and posted photos of the wounded puppy on her Facebook.

I guess maybe it was purposely abandoned by it’s owner. It’s too unethical because when I found it at the car park, there wasn’t any food and drinks! Also, there’s a high chance it will get hit by a car. Thus, I brought it to the security guard directly,” commented Liew.

Fortunately, her friend Wee, who travelled all the way to Empire Damansara to collect the puppy, took it to the nearest vet shortly after she saw Liew’s status. According to the vet, both of the Pomeranian’s armpits were broken and it needs special medical attention.

Source: Winnie Wee's Facebook comment
Source: Winnie Wee’s Facebook comment

Many kind hearted netizens offered to chip in for the puppy’s medical cost while some took to the comments to express their anger.

One of Liew’s friends wrote:

Dog abuse is happening everywhere but there is little or no effort at all from the authorities to educate the people about animal welfare!

Source: Liew's Facebook page
Source: Liew’s Facebook page

Remember, a pet is a commitment and like human beings, it needs love, time, and effort. We hope that the abused Pomeranian will get well soon and that someone can give it a loving home.

Source: Liew’s Facebook page / Featured image: Liew’s Facebook page.

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