We hardly use public phones nowadays, but a new switch of technology might just convince the public to change their minds.

A Malaysian company, Pure Spectrum Technologies, has developed a cashless public telephone system to replace the current coin-operated technology.

Source: Good Morning Yesterday
Source: Good Morning Yesterday

The cashless system, called MyFon, will be GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and SIM (subscriber identity module) based. Apart from calls, the system will also allow users to send and receive text messages.


It is believed that MyFon is the first in Asia to implement the system.

Shafiee Saleh, founder and chief executive officer of MyFon, explained that the phone service will utilise the Celcom network, and will charge users 20 cents per minute for calls and 10 cents per text message sent.

He further elaborated that the company’s targeted markets are the National Service training camps and boarding schools, where attendees and students are usually barred from bringing their mobile phones. So far, 500 units of the phones have been installed at 126 schools nationwide.

Source: Sheep Page
Source: Sheep Page

The product will be commercialised under the Malaysia Commercialisation Year (MCY) 2016 initiative, where entrepreneurship, innovation, and commercialisation activities are encouraged. Industry players were also introduced to the product at an event under the initiative yesterday (Tuesday, 24th May).

Pure Spectrum Technologies, an information and communications technology company, is a brainchild of Technology Park Malaysia.

Source: The Star.

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