Oh dear. A 64-year-old security guard was crushed to death by a signboard this morning (Tuesday, 24th May) in Malacca.

The accident, which happened at 7:15am, occurred when Ahmad Yusof Omar, from Taman Tangga Batu, Tanjung Keling, was coming to a stop at the traffic light junction at Pokok Mangga and Klebang. A “Don’t Mess With Melaka” signboard was believed to have fallen on him without warning.

Ahmad Yusof lying beneath the signboard. Source: The Star
Ahmad Yusof lying beneath the signboard. Source: The Star

Ahmad Yusof was believed to have been on his way to work on his motorcycle when the unfortunate accident hit him.


The “Don’t Mess With Melaka” campaign was launched by the Malacca state government in 2014 after local authorities realised that the cleanliness levels in the state dropped to abysmal levels. It was hoped that the slogan would instill discipline in the community to retain the cleanliness levels in the state that prides itself as a tourist destination.

The slogan was then emblazoned across tourist T-shirts, billboards, and signboards across the state.

Source: Hype Malaysia
Source: Hype Malaysia

However, the campaign was met with backlash by the public as they thought it was “crude” and a “tourist turn-off”. In defense of the slogan, Chief Minister of Malacca Datuk Seri Idris Haron stated that it was not meant for tourists or visitors to the state, but for those who litter or come to Malacca with an intent to destroy.

The state was also accused of copying a similar campaign held in Texas, United States of America that started in 1986. Regarding the issue, Idris stated that it wasn’t a case of “copycat”, as Texan authorities welcomed the campaign in Malacca.

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