Dogs are indeed a man’s best friend.

An 8-year-old husky by the name of Anna sacrificed her life in a bid to save her owners from a cobra. The serpent slithered into their home in Perkampungan Berapit, Penang.

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

The incident happened at about noon on Tuesday (17th May). Anna’s owners, a 75-year-old woman and her son, had just returned from the hospital when their dog started barking.


She said:

My son had just let Anna out of her cage and into our compound when she suddenly started barking.

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The woman owner turned around, only to realise that the husky was fighting off a 2.4m-long cobra. In fear of the snake, both owners stayed inside the house.

She continued:

We were too afraid to go out, so we called our area’s security volunteer team for help.

When the volunteer team arrived, the dog was already in a semi-conscious state. The owners rushed Anna to the vet, unfortunately, the dog did not survive the attack.

Source: MMLS MMU
Source: MMLS MMU

Snakes do not usually come out of their natural habitat, but the changing weather patterns could have forced them out in search of cooler land conditions.

According to The Star, hospitals in Malaysia have recorded 730 cases of snake bites since January, with Kedah recording 195 cases and Perak with 107 cases.


All dogs go to heaven. Rest in peace, brave doggie 🙁

Source: The Star.

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