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USA Networks’ popular American thriller-drama series, Mr. Robot, has released its latest full trailer for season 2 and it is very thrilling indeed.

Source: USA Networks
Source: USA Networks

“Mr. Robot” follows Elliot Alderson (played by Rami Malek), a young cyber security engineer and vigilante hacker who suffers from social anxiety disorder and clinical depression.


He is recruited by a mysterious insurrectionary anarchist known as Mr. Robot and joins his team of “hacktivists” called “fsociety. One of their missions is to cancel all debts by taking down one of the largest corporations in the world, E Corp (which Elliot perceives as Evil Corp), which also happens to be his biggest client.

Source: Screen Rant
Source: Screen Rant

The success of Season 1 of the series was unaccounted for. Not only did the series nabbed the Golden Globe for “Best Television Series for Drama”, actor Christian Slater also won “Best Supporting Actor” for his role as the mysterious Mr. Robot.

Fans of the 1st season will be happy to know that the 2nd season is going to be more intense as the new season will focus on the fallout of a successful corporate hack by “fsociety” and that Alderson has no recollection of what happened in the critical 3 days since the season finale.

Watch the full trailer below:

Season 2 of “Mr. Robot” is slated for release on 13th July 2016.

For more information, visit the series’ official Facebook page.

Source: Screen Rant.

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