What can possibly go wrong from eating corn?

Well, when it involves a rotating power drill, anything goes. This China woman learnt a life lesson when she decided to jump on the latest craze and take on the “Corn on the Drill Challenge”. Her attempt to complete the ludicrous challenge has gone viral.

Source: Weibo via Daily Mail

For the uninitiated, the “Corn Drill Challenge” involves trying to eat a cob of corn. Here’s the twist: the corn is attached to a power drill machine that rotates at a very high RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). Those attempting this stunt must eat as much corn as they possibly can while the drill rotates at a rapid speed.


While there have been many examples of people successfully completing the challenge, this young Chinese woman wasn’t so fortunate. In the cringing clip, a lock of her hair gets caught in the power tool and gets ripped from her scalp. As you can see from the image below, a large patch is torn from the front of her head.

corn drill
Source: Pixiz/ You Tube

Instead of screaming in pain or bursting into tears, the shocked woman does not make a sound as she reaches up to feel the large bald patch on her head. Luckily it was only her hair that was damaged and not something like her eyes or skull. If you were left wondering how come her scalp wasn’t bleeding, you’re not alone. Perhaps her body was also in shock?

According to reports, the Chinese lady has been told by her doctors that her hair will eventually grow back normally, but it will be a long and slow process. Naturally, a lot of people on social media have condemned this latest viral sensation as completely unsafe, and to be fair, it is rather dangerous. You could literally loose your teeth if it goes wrong!

Watch the viral video below:


Let this be a lesson as to why we shouldn’t be trying this “Corn Drill Challenge” at home. Just because it’s trending online, it doesn’t mean that we should attempt it.

Sources: Daily Mail, Inquisitr.

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